Bradley R. Clampitt

Web Developer, Designer, Programmer & Photographer

Hello, I am a 37 year old father of twin boys and have a loving wife who puts up with us all. Born and raised in Indiana, recently moved back to my howetown 40 minutes west of Indianapolis and commute to work daily. I have a complete home office with multiple work stations, rack servers and a little over kill for a "home office" but I like to learn and create which leads to various setups for different things I am learning and building on.

I am an avid problem solver, and someone who strives on trying to always think outside of the box. I pride myself on learning quickly and absorbing all aspects of a given task or job to do the best I possibly can. I am a very dedicated and loyal employee by nature and my upbringing.

I can efficiently and effectively work within a team or alone on any given project. I have strong beliefs in a solid work ethic and I work towards this daily. I strive to learn as much as I can when I can, and pride myself on my business and general life experiences.

I enjoy helping others whether it be of a personal nature or business related. A self-motivated, energetic and detail oriented individual who communicates well with others and is experienced in developing customers, streamlining operations and achieving company goals.

I have been doing web development for over 15 years and I try to stay current with all of the new technologies which is tough to do and some things I have picked and choose from the ever growing list of options.

I have created a lot of public and private websites and have re-designed several of them over the years. The company I have been working for the past 15+ years has had me manage their vast portfolio of websites for the different products and industries they are apart of. I have worked in at least 8 different time zones at any given time, working with partners, colleagues, customers all around the world in connection with the web sites, as well as just general business.

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This is a small overview listing of some of the skills that I possess.

Adobe Photoshop

14+ years with Adobe Photoshop (Product Editing, Touchups, Layout Designs, UI Design, Custom Work)

Adobe Illustrator

8+ years with Adobe Illustrator. (Vector Graphics, Layouts, Artwork)

Adobe InDesign

10+ years with Adobe InDesign (Magazines, Catalogs, Manuals, Digital & Print Work)


15+ years with HTML & CSS

jQuery & Javascript

10+ years with jQuery & Javascript


15+ years with PHP & MySQL

Microsoft Office Suite

15+ years with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint & Outlook)

Apple & Windows Proficiency

Spent the majority of my life around computers, can build, repair and maintain desktops, laptops, servers or otherwise.

SEO & Social Marketing

8+ years with SEO & Social Marketing Google Adwords, Facebook Campaigns, and general knowledge in marketing online.


8+ years developing for eCommerce (Magento, PinnacleCart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Woocommerce)


8+ years with Photography (Products, Weddings, Custom Work) Using my own gear; Nikon dSLRs

Video Development

6+ years with Video Development (From Concept to Finish Product) (Final Cut Pro / X & Adobe Premiere) Commercials, Product Videos & Instructional

Work Experience

The job titles that I have been given over the years doesn't reflect the tasks and projects I have performed within the company. I am only also listing some of the highlights.

November, 2007

Ultrasun USA, Inc.

General Manager / Corporate Secretary

Was given the great honor and privilege of becoming GM as of November 2007, when the previous GM Joseph Lahr retired from the company.

Work Experience:
•• Featured in the Island Sun Times magazine (November, 2007).
•• Responsible for building, maintaining and creating relationships with customers and distributors throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.
•• Responsible for team building, employee coaching and performing reviews bi-annually on employees.
•• Responsible for maintaining and updating Group Health Insurance Coverage and 401k Benefits, negotiating better rates and coverage where possible.
•• Responsible for the general marketing for the United States and establishing an online presence for the company as a whole. Creating Blogs, News Articles and related using Wordpress.
•• Technical Engineer and adviser to the manufacturing engineers/technical staff at the parent company.
•• Responsible for the company websites; development, programming, content and updates.
•• Developing online tutorials, video and commercial development and flash based animations.
•• Responsible for Distributor Meeting coordination, planning and implementation at trade shows and related.
•• Planned, Coordinated, Attended and Presented at National Industry Trade shows all over the USA.
•• Developed a new showroom design and build out, as well as created metal presentation platforms for use in the showroom and at trade shows.
•• Developed and maintains the online e-commerce store and products with Magento.
•• Develop, Coordinate and Maintain Facebook, Google+ and Google Adwords Marketing Strategies.

August, 2010

Fairview LLC

Vice President

Family owned and operated company of purchasing, remodeling, renting and flipping properties.
Work Experience:

•• Buying/Selling Real Estate.
•• Photography of Real Estate.
•• Remodeling and New Construction.
•• Renting and Maintaining Rental Properties.

June, 1997
January, 2016

AddictedUsers LLC


A business started while I was in high school for the landscape business I had with the help from my dad. Worked mainly for my parents company to assist them with their landscape needs of their DSA lots throughout Central Indiana. Extended to doing side work as a computer consultant and assistant on many projects.

Work Experience:
•• Performed planning, networking design and implemented security in businesses and homes.
•• 10+ years of design and print production experience.
•• Extensive knowledge of Macintosh (Apple), PC (Windows) and Linux Platforms.
•• Assisted photographer and general assistant on music videos, music concerts and related venues.
•• Carried out contracts and procurement, customer service and training.

February, 2003
November, 2007

Ultrasun USA, Inc.

Operations Manager

When the company was purchased by Ultrasun NL (the factory) I was given the opportunity to assume position as the Operations Manager.

Work Experience:
•• Performed Customer Service for the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
•• Responsible for being the service technician (on site and over the phone) for our customer base.
•• Created FDA/ETL Compliance Labels and related, setup and configured printing.
•• Responsible for organizing and inventorying company assets and goods from a complete disarray.
•• Responsible for procurement and processing of purchase orders from multiple manufacturers.
•• Managed FDA and ETL related requirements on the equipment's compliance and approval processing.
•• Planned, Coordinated, Attended and Presented at National Industry Trade shows all over the USA.
•• Responsible for employee training processes and team building.
•• Responsible for planning and coordinating technical training classes for the company.
•• Created magazine designs/layouts for Today's Image, Island Sun Times and Tanning Trends magazines.
•• Developed a detailed and widely used 200+ page Technical Manual for Ultrasun's product lines in 2003.
•• Designed and Developed testing devices for the Equipment and parts.
•• Developed and Implemented the first speakers system and sound system in the Ultrasun product line that has since been improved upon by our parent company.
•• Responsible for building a photo booth to take small parts photos and related to start working on an internal product catalog.
•• Created Technical & Marketing Sheets for each piece of equipment in our product lines.
•• Responsible for building maintenance and preventative maintenance.

May, 2002
February, 2003

Ultrasun USA, Inc.

Parts & IT Manager

Originally brought in as the "IT Guy" and was given the title of the Parts Manager for the company.

Work Experience:
•• Setup, Configured and used Peachtree and Mas90 Accounting.
•• Responsible for developing, building, and servicing the PC's and Server Computers. Windows Server 2003-2008, Exchange 2000-2003, Small Business Server Ed. 2003.
•• Organized Parts Room, started a parts filing system that including labeling, package branding, and proper organization.
•• Implemented a new parts numbering and naming scheme that was easier to understand and search that is still in use today.
•• Provided technical support over the phone to customers on tanning equipment.
•• Responsible for assisting and performing maintenance and repair on new and used tanning equipment we had in the office.
•• Created the first (known) Salon Camera system for use in Salons, Gyms and related. Displayed at the trade show in October 2002 in Nashville, TN. Since then others have come out and improved on the system where I discarded it.
•• Assisted with installation and basic service work of tanning equipment in salons around Indiana.

December, 2001
May, 2002

InputOutput Unlimited

Chief Technical Engineer

Brought in directly from college from one of my professors who wanted to utilize many of the skills I displayed while in class in theory and hands on. I personally developed and dealt with many new projects and jobs because no job was turned down even if I had to learn how to do something to complete the task.

Work Experience:
•• Developed several websites for clients, setup mySQL database and developed the code in PHP.
•• Designed letterhead, forms and business related materials for companies.
•• Setup Digital Phone Systems and some of the first voIP phone systems that were made available at a reasonable price.
•• Wired and Wireless Networking (new and rebuilt) of several companies infrastructures for their business. Setup a couple of co-location networks as well.
•• Built New and Rebuilt Used Computers for clients and trained them on how to use them.
•• Setup and maintained Quicken, Peachtree and TaxPro Accounting Systems for computers.
•• Diagnosed and repaired printers and other general office equipment when needed.
•• Examined and analyzed electronic media using a broad range of computer forensic tools to summarize the findings in a technical report for the clients.
•• Provided operational instructions and training on computers and software.
•• Provided assistance in data and evidence recovery from corrupt hard drives, CD/DVD's and other storage devices.

March, 2000
October, 2001

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Lead IT Technician

Initially brought in for clerical work and computer assistance but was promoted up to lead IT technician within a few weeks of work.

Work Experience:
•• Setup the staffs desktop and laptop computers, networked them and made sure they would efficiently work inside the office and remotely.
•• Performed basic maintenance of the servers and computers and maintained a daily routine backup of the critical information held on the servers and computers.
•• Setup Spreadsheet templates and forms in Excel for the sales staff and administration staff to make things easier over all.
•• Assisted the Data Entry personnel with clerical work in processing the clerical apps when they needed or if time allowed.
•• Performed mission critical database entries for life insurance applications when needed.
•• Helped re-organize and setup a better filling system for important documents and applications.
•• Responsible for setting up Lotus Notes databases, development of the databases and general use of Lotus Notes.


My education was only a small part in my training and learning on the job and personally to get where I have.

December, 2001

Associates in Computer Network Systems Technology ("Computer Science")

ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis, IN (Nov. 1999 - Dec. 2001)

This was a pilot program that came along while I was in the EET program and I was fascinated but the classes, so I switched over to it. To our class this was called "Computer Science" but it incorporated several different programs into one to give us a broad range of availabilities. There was no Bachelor Program when I graduated and that didn't come till a few years after I graduated.

ITT Perfect Attendance (10 occurrences)
ITT Highest Honors (8 occurrences)
ITT Honors (3 occurrences)
National Technical Vocation Honor Society Member

November, 1999

Electrical Engineering Technology

ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis, IN (June 1999 - Nov. 1999)

Started off taking Electrical Engineering and learned a lot from my time, was over half way through the program with my credits and then the CNST program became available and it seemed more like something I wanted to do.


This list is ever changing and updating, it will take awhile for me to add everything.


Do you wish to hire me for a project, wants some advice or have any questions, feel free to contact me.


  4305 Saguaro Trail, Indianapolis, IN 46268

  +1 (317) 348-0533


www.techgeekjunky.com (in development)
www.addictedusers.com (in development)

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