Bradley R. Clampitt

Grounded and solution-oriented computer professional with a wide variety of experiences in my 20 years of experience. The majority of my professional career has been with one company and in that 16+ years working for a Dutch manufacturer of tanning equipment. Due to the declining tanning industry they decided to shut down the USA branch and deal directly with the US largest distributor of equipment. In my entire career with Ultrasun, I had the great opportunity to gain a large amount of knowledge in many areas of business. Being the General Manager, I was given several different portions of the company to manage and a big portion the eCommerce platform for the entire company.

I am looking for a company that I can settle into for the rest of my professional career in a long-term position where my experience and knowledge are valued and can be challenged to help make a significant contribution to the success of my employer. Enhance the company’s productivity and reinforce the value on people, products and service it promotes, while willing to help develop new skills and grow together.

What I am able to do for you


I spent 12 years working with Ultrasun to develop, improve and maintain their eCommerce platform which was Magento v1. We eventually upgraded to Magento 2.0 Most of the years I worked for just the USA Branch, but the last 4 years I was working on several eCommerce platforms spanning over the globe for Ultrasun' Partners.

Front-end Developer

I enjoy bringing new ideas to life in the browser, as well as seeing some other creative work and trying to build something that is tailored by me but some inspirations can come from others or other things for my needs but is inspired by others.


There is a lot of enjoyment in simple content structure with clean design patterns and thoughtful interactions. Spending hours tweaking a design to make it perfect with a design eye and logic based structure.


Being a very hands on person, there is still a lot of enjoyment in managing others and helping them be their best and create their best works. Doesn't have to be specially web development, in life I enjoy helping others, help themselves to improve in everything they do.

What I work and design with

Enjoy Designing

UX, UI, Web, Mobile, Apps

Design Tools

Trusty Pencil & Paper, Sketch, Balsamiq, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, OmniGraffle

Languages constantly learning

Python, JavaScript, JavaFX, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS

Development Tools

CodeKit, Github, Terminal, Bootstrap, CodeRunner, Visual Studio, TextWrangler, Xcode