New Year, New Resolutions, new ways to procrastinate.

To everyone I hope you had a wonderful New Years and in general a very happy holidays, whether you were off vacationing or working I hope it was great!

Shot with my Sony A700 with the 10-20mm lens on it.

2009 had a lot of ups and downs for me, I met a lot of new people I had some really great times but there were also some things that made 2009 a year that I was glad to put behind me and was really looking forward to midnight and the start of 2010. I rung in 2010 in Chicago with my best friend Brock and his wife Tracey, along with Brock’s sister Brier, Michelle, Chris, Brad and about another 100+ people. One of Tracey’s surgeons at 20/20 institute lives on the 86th floor of the John Hancock building and we were invited to come up and celebrate with them. It was something I have never done, I have always either hosted a party or been around home celebrating the new year so this was a great time to kick start a new year with something totally new and exciting.

Shot with my Canon G10 while in one of the bathrooms that had mirrors on all 4 walls.

2010 comes with new resolutions that I am sure like always I will procrastinate on and some things will just flat out not get done. There are some that however hard they will be I am going to accomplish. Because of my resolutions not being really a secret and I am more than happy to allow others to give me crap and kind of push me along to accomplish my goals I will list them below:

1a. Join the Gym and go at least 3 times a week, if cannot make it then work out at home on the elliptical. (I put if/else clauses in all my stuff just generally not posted).
1b. Lose 70+ pounds, I can still be a big ol’ lovable huggable bear just smaller… like a cub.
2. Learn to play the accoustic guitar (better), along with learn to play the piano (which includes learning to read music properly)
3. Brush up and become fluent in German and Dutch (going to install Rosetta Stone, so may add Italian, French and Spanish to that list eventually.. but one step at a time!)
4. Go get my arm looked at by a doctor. (something I said I would do at the end of last year but didn’t)
5. Learn to use Final Cut Pro
6a. Become a better photography, embrace change and push the elements of my gear to as far as I can.
6b. Learn about Flash, TTL and everything related to lighting. (I usually shoot everything without flash).
7. Be more proactive to doing things I don’t want to do just because I am stubborn.
8. Follow my own advice sometimes and get the EFF out of my own way. (has many meanings)
9. Create deadlines and stick to them.
10. Whether at work or in my home office, if I am working on something I need to FOCUS, turn off distractions and just work.
11. Get a membership at a golf course and walk the course at least 2 times a week.
12. Take two weeks off from work this year and do nothing work related. (photography is different since it is my hobby)

I have a lot more but this is a general list, that is why I say there may be some procrastination in this list. But it is a list, more like a to-do list and I know some will not get done just because my time seems to get consumed with other work and things I just cannot get.

I am going to leave you with a couple of photos I took of Chicago for new years.

The Navy Pier from the John Hancock building (taken with my 50mm lens)


Shot with my 10-20mm lens on the 86th Floor of the John Hancock building.

This was a great place to take photos because the view was spectacular and if I ever get a chance to go back and visit Mark and his family I will for sure take a tripod to take better photos and probably have a polarizer lens on my camera so that it reduces or eliminates the reflections on the windows.

— Bradley

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