The Rules of Dibs

This list is about 2+ years old as of now and was put together while Marc and I were single. Oddly enough we were sober in the making of this list and mainly made it up through life experiences or when bored we would think of things. Please do not take any of this list to heart, it is more a humor/funny thing than anything.

Rules for Dibs

Rule #1
If you call more than 10 dibs in a single venue in one night you become obligated to talk to at least one of your dibs. If you leave and come back to the same venue on the same night they still count.

Rule #2
If one or more of your dibs calls is later found to be smoker and you don’t like smokers it can be an annulment of the dib by your choice. This is a selected choice of your own after you are aware of this.

Rule #3
No MASS dibs, 1 or 2 max at a time and you have to see them to call dibs on them. You cannot call dibs on a large group of gals and weed out your best choices.

Rule #4
Limited time dibs, properly called with a reasonable view or within 10 seconds of seeing them. Your decision is based on first impressions and is not to be impacted by personality or any other reasoning that delays you from the limited time allowed.

Rule #5
No dismissal or annulment of a dibs without the reason stated in Rule #2.

Rule #6
If the said dibs turns out to be a “gender changer” and you made a hastily dibs call; you will forever be banned from the game of dibs for giving it a bad name.

Rule #7
You can trade dibs if both parties agree on the trade, otherwise you have to stick to your dibs unless Rule #2 applies.

Rule #8
It is recommended to carry a brown paper-bag or have one on hand that fits over your head in case a mishap on Rule #5 in which it turns out to be a bad call. But generally this will only come into play if you are man enough to talk to your dibs call and she becomes interested in you… so good luck.

Rule #9
If someone calls dibs on you, it becomes one of your dibs, but only counts towards your 10 if you are approached by him/her because otherwise you may never know she called dibs on you.

Rule #10
If you exchange numbers or someone steals your phone number out of your phone, that person therefore is calling dibs on you and becomes one of your dibs no matter what due to being able to contact that person at all times.
** (happened to one of my friends, therefore it became a rule.)

Rule #11
Any rules in question can be judged and validated by the group playing; allowing or disallowing questionable incidents as seen necessary by means of a majority rule or unanimous decision.

Rule #12
Dibs can not be called for you in almost all cases. The only exception is when the group majority chooses a dibs call for you;  as determined by a group ruling. This ruling can also be overturned the same ways as a dib of your calling, or yet another group ruling.

Rule #13
In the event of a ‘hairy buffalo emergency’ all game players are required to take appropriate action to protect the player in question.  These actions include interference, bill payment and exit strategy. If a dibs (initial interaction) is in progress but has not been closed in this event, you are allowed to pursue but must keep on mind your ‘hairy buffalo’ responsibilities.

Rule #14
Just because you are interested in someone for purely sexual reasons; it doesn’t make it a dibs call.

*Hairy Buffalo* = Psycho Ex-Girlfriend, Stalkers, Stage 5 Clingers, etc. (Girlfriends and Wifes are not apart of this ruling or emergency references).

** This listed has been modified by Bradley to be more clean and appropriate while maintaining it’s original rules.

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