Soon to be… Mr. & Mrs. Clampitt

This year and last year have gone by in a blur. I have several blog posts that I have started to write and got side tracked, so I have several posts that have never seen the light of day.

Oddly enough the day I created my last post on here was April 28th, 2011 and I was heading up to Canada to work on a couple of tanning beds that had issues after the customer installed them.

Bronzage Flamingo in Canada

Now we can fast forward to this end of this month which will be April 28th, 2012 a year from the last post. Also a year from the day I left for Canada and that same day is significant, or not just a normal day at the office. On this 28th day of April I will be getting married to the love of my life. It is crazy how a year, two, three can pass in such a hurry. It was the first trip that I took that Adriene would be back at the house without me, but at least it was mainly just an overnight trip I left and quickly returned the next night and barely got any sleep in between since I was up working all night trying to figure out the issues that lay in front of me and knowing that my plane ticket was set to leave the following morning.

Now we fast forward, on June 25th, 2011 I proposed to Adriene and she said yes and we have been working diligently on planning out the wedding since then.

So here in less than 3 weeks I will be getting hitched and also taking my first real vacation in the last 10 years. I am taking my camera gear and will be working on trying to get some good photos of the trip, honeymoon and the island we are going too. We will be staying at the Sandals Resort in St. Lucia in the tropics which is awesome. I wish I could swim with the sharks and dance with monkey’s but you cannot swim with sharks where we are going (only in Mexico…) and monkey’s we shall see… if I can find a small quiet one I may trying to bring it back in my luggage. 😉

Someday, I will get around to finishing some of the posts I have been working on. Their content ranges from Programming, Photography, Life Experiences and many other things.

till next time….

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