Nov. 1999 - Dec. 2001

Associate's Degree Computer Network Systems (CNST)

ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis, IN USA

Major: CNST
GPA: 3.90/4.00
Specialization; Servers, Networking, Programming and Computer Systems/Service.

June 1999 - Nov. 1999

Incomplete Associate's Degree Electrical Engineering Technology (EET)

ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis, IN USA

Major: EET
GPA: 3.60/4.00
transferred from EET to CNST when it became available, credits transferred and tested out of classes when transferring.


Aug. 2010 - Current
Fairview LLC

Vice President

Assist my father with his company along side my mother.

Duties and Responsibilities
+ Inspecting, Buying and Selling Home.
+ Photography of Real Estate.
+ Print and related advertising materials for real estate.
+ Remodeling and New Construction.
+ Renting and Maintaining Rental Properties.

Nov 2007 - March 2019
Ultrasun USA, Inc.

General Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:
+ Conduct interviews, hire and train new general staff and technical support/service staff on our products.
+ Collaborate with management to complete necessary projects; working well with a team or independently to accomplish the completetion of any assigned tasks and create new project tasks as needed.
+ Oversee day-to-day business operations, providing leadership at all levels of the organization and communicated the company vision and values.
+ Building on, maintaining and creating relationships with customers and distributors throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Collaborated with partners around the globe to share knowledge, ideas and promote the business brand wherever our product was available.
+ Create and expand on marketing for the USA through magazines and establishing an online presence utilizing SEO, social marketing and developing a fully functional eCommerce.
+ Responsible for the company websites for the majority of our partners in our developed markets. Collaborated on the design and functionality using WordPress, Magento, Joomla and pushing new technologies to further benefit our customers and the products we provide.
+ Expanding on personally developed knowledge of photo and video development to create online tutorials and related support videos for our partners, distributors and customers. Collaborated on commercial videos for trade show and events, as well as for our online presence.
+ Planned, coordinated and presented at national industry beauty and fitness trade shows all over the USA, and participated in trade events in Germany for our parent company and its partners.
+ Arrange and schedule meetings, appointments, and events for management, including coordinating calendars and securing meeting spaces; plan travel arrangements for out of town conferences; keep calendars and remind all parties of upcoming events.
+ Maintain strong relationships with vendors and keep price and quality at its best on our supplies and services.
+ Work closely with customers to resolve and mediate any complaints or issues they have with our products or equipment. Traveled all over North America to repair, train and improve the customers experience with our equipment and products.
+ Performed internal quality checks on our equipment and products to ensure proper functioanlity before it is shipped to our customers. Worked closely with product engineers to improve the quality and functionality of our new products and legacy products that are still in use.
+ Working close with our product engineers, FDA consultants to develop our equipment for the North American market that is in compliance with all standards to be 401k complaint. Including onsite testing and further engineering and changes needed.

Feb 2003 - Nov 2007
Ultrasun USA, Inc.

Operations/Logistics Manager

When the US partner was purchased by Ultrasun International, I was given the opportunity to assume position as the Operations and Logistics Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:
+ Performed customer service for the United States, Mexico and Canada.
+ Developed and managed FDA and ETL related requirements on the equipment's compliance and approval processing.
+ Created magazine designs/layouts for Today's Image, Island Sun Times and Tanning Trends magazines.
+ Designed and developed testing devices for the tanning equipment and parts. Created devices that help in training and troubleshooting equipment.
+ Created Technical and Marketing materials for our product lines.

May 2002 - Feb 2003
Ultrasun USA, Inc.

Parts Manager

Originally brought in as the "IT Guy" and was given the title of the Parts Manager for the company.

Duties and Responsibilities:
+ Setup, Configured and used Peachtree and Mas90 Accounting.
+ Responsible for developing, building, and servicing the PC's and Server Computers. Windows Server 2003-2008, Exchange 2000-2003, Small Business Server Ed. 2003.
+ Organized Parts Room, started a parts filing system that including labeling, package branding, and proper organization.
+ Implemented a new parts numbering and naming scheme that was easier to understand and search that is still in use today.
+ Provided technical support over the phone to customers on tanning equipment.
+ Responsible for assisting and performing maintenance and repair on new and used tanning equipment we had in the office.
+ Created the first (known) Salon Camera system for use in Salons, Gyms and related. Displayed at the trade show in October 2002 in Nashville, TN. Since then others have come out and improved on the system where I discarded it.
+ Assisted with installation and basic service work of tanning equipment in salons around Indiana.

Dec. 2001 - May 2002
InputOutput Unlimited

Chief Technical Engineer

Brought in directly from college from one of my professors who wanted to utilize many of the skills I displayed while in class in theory and hands on. I personally developed and dealt with many new projects and jobs because no job was turned down even if I had to learn how to do something to complete the task.

Duties and Responsibilities
+ Developed several websites for clients, setup mySQL database and developed the code in PHP.
+ Designed letterhead, forms and business related materials for companies.
+ Setup Digital Phone Systems and some of the first voIP phone systems that were made available at a reasonable price.
+ Wired and Wireless Networking (new and rebuilt) of several companies infrastructures for their business. Setup a couple of co-location networks as well.
+ Built New and Rebuilt Used Computers for clients and trained them on how to use them.
+ Setup and maintained Quicken, Peachtree and TaxPro Accounting Systems for computers.
+ Diagnosed and repaired printers and other general office equipment when needed.
+ Examined and analyzed electronic media using a broad range of computer forensic tools to summarize the findings in a technical report for the clients.
+ Provided operational instructions and training on computers and software.
+ Provided assistance in data and evidence recovery from corrupt hard drives, CD/DVD's and other storage devices.

May 2000 - Oct. 2001
MetLife Insurance

Lead IT Technician

Initially brought in for clerical work and computer assistance but was promoted up to lead IT technician within a few weeks of work.

Duties and Responsibilities
+ Setup the staffs desktop and laptop computers, networked them and made sure they would efficiently work inside the office and remotely.
+ Performed basic maintenance of the servers and computers and maintained a daily routine backup of the critical information held on the servers and computers.
+ Setup Spreadsheet templates and forms in Excel for the sales staff and administration staff to make things easier over all.
+ Assisted the Data Entry personnel with clerical work in processing the clerical apps when they needed or if time allowed.
+ Performed mission critical database entries for life insurance applications when needed.
+ Helped re-organize and setup a better filling system for important documents and applications.
+ Responsible for setting up Lotus Notes databases, development of the databases and general use of Lotus Notes.

Web Development



CSS Preprocessing



Version Control/Git

Responsive Design


Browser Developer Tools

Building & Automation Tools/Performance

Command Line



Django & Flask

Web Platforms

Magento eCommerce







Adobe Creative Collection





After Effects

Programming Languages









OS Platforms

Windows 95, 98/SE, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Windows Server 2003, 2008

MacOS 10.6 - 10.14

Linux; CentOS, Ubuntu, Kali & Debian

Other Skills

Product Photography

Videography & Development

Project Management

UX/UI Design


Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Facebook Advertising



Advertising / Marketing

Collaborating with Teams