Nov. 1999 - Dec. 2001

Associate's Degree Computer Networking Systems Technology (CNST)

ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis, IN USA

Specialization; Servers, Networking, Programming and Computer Systems/Service.

June 1999 - Nov. 1999

Incomplete Associate's Degree Electrical Engineering Technology (EET)

ITT Technical Institute, Indianapolis, IN USA

transferred from EET to CNST when it became available, credits transferred and tested out of classes when transferring.

Work Experience

January 2020 - August 2020
US Water Systems, Inc.

Senior Web Developer

Brought in as the Senior Web Developer, with the main priority being the Backend Web Development and collaborating with a Frontend Web Developer to accomplish our collective tasks and goals. USWS eCommerce is hosted within Magento's Cloud Commerce infrastructure, which was migrated from NetSuite's SuiteCommerce to Magento 2 by Shero Commerce prior to me coming on board. During my time with them we also migrated two more of the Magento 1 eCommerce sites over to Magento 2 Open Source and all of their Magento websites are integrated with NetSuite through connectors and have a comprehensive collection of vendors that are also integrated.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Frontend and Backend Development (PHP, HTML5, CSS5, JavaScript, XML)
•• Designed, built, tested and implemented modules for Magento 2 using scalable, robust high-quality code practices.
•• Revised and customized previously developed 3rd party modules for Magento 2.
•• customized Magento’s inherent features based on requirements and needs.
•• Worked on PHP, HTML/CSS, Ajax/Javascript, GIT, Mysql and Apache, demonstrating LAMP architecture experience.
•• Developed cross browser and multi browser compatible web pages using HTML5, MySQL, CSS3 and JavaScript.
•• Team lead on code reviews and Magento 2 module audits for custom and vendor provided Magento modules.
•• Collaborated with Shero Commerce on GIT management of code merges, deployments and versioning to staging and production environments.
•• Provided feedback regarding technical requirements, timelines and software concerns as needed.
•• Tracked and fixed bugs that were found during various phases of development.
•• Introduced weekly and bi-weekly standard website administrations including; backup, audits, general maintenance.
•• Performed A/B testing and performance based tests to ensure optimal usability and reliability of the sites.
•• Supported and developed external service integrations.
•• Worked independently and as a team member in implementing new and cutting edge features to our their ecommerce sites.
•• Key part of the marketing team to ensure successful and timely scheduled implementations and deployments of design revisions, feature development and new product rollout for all eCommerce sites.
•• Inter-office and remote collaborations to meet project and individual task deadlines.
•• Provided technical support to Sales and CSR's for all eCommerce related issues that they or the customers may be having.
•• Ability to organize, prioritize and perform multiple projects simultaneously
•• Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
•• Ensure optimal processes are in place to support software development and support activities
•• Authored and performed ongoing detailed notes, guidelines and developed procedure process documentations for the Marketing Team.
•• Installed, setup and configured a local development environment using Docker, Magento, BitBucket and PhpStorm on Windows, MacOS and Linux machines.
•• Maintained a high awareness of industry issues and trends, regarding accessibility, usability and emerging technologies.

Aug. 2010 - Current
Fairview LLC

Vice President

Assist my father with his company along side my mother.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Manage day-to-day requirements of property.
•• Inspect property for damages or maintenance requirements; schedule maintenance improvements.
•• Collect rent, utility, and other payments; enforce late fees for tardy payments.
•• Negotiate lease contracts.
•• Evaluate the property for pricing; calculate rental rates.
•• Document property interior and exterior with photos.
•• Calculate overhead costs, taxes, and profit goals; handle operating expenses.
•• Budget maintenance and cosmetic improvements for good ROI.
•• Develop and document property policies and rules.
•• Print and related advertising materials for real estate.
•• Install locks and oversee security precautions.
•• Develop preventative maintenance policies.
•• Establish communication for repairs and emergencies.
•• Act as general contractor to property repairs and renovations.
•• Manage all property personnel (landscapers, cleaning crews, etc.).
•• Maintain and update property records.
•• Document expenses, invoices, receipts, and warranties.
•• Prepare annual financial report for taxes and required material for tax documents.
•• Maintain a positive relationship with renters and tenants.

July 2019 - October 2019
Fineline Printing Group

B2B E-Commerce Manager

Hired for a 3 month contract to help evaluate their needs to get their eCommerce platform to the next level. Using a custom cutting edge online storefront for their B2B and B2C customers, with internal marketing and smooth operational supply chain processes. Helped setup clients with their storefronts, products, and moving some clients over from their previous platform into their current. With features such as an integrated custom portal experience, online document editing, approval workflows and on demand customization of printable products.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Demonstrated ability to build strong partnerships and collaborate with internal staff, partners and clients.
•• Work cross functionality with other department stakeholders (Sales, Customer Service, Printing, etc) to deliver on overall company goals.
•• Positive ‘can do’ attitude, self-motivated, self-directed and eager to make improvements in a controlled manner as part of a time or independently.
•• Perform other assigned projects and functions as directed by management.
•• Worked closely with the Director of Technical Solutions to prioritize the site development roadmap. Coordinating tasks and progress through Asana and internal spreadsheets.
•• Collaborated directly with internal staff and resources regarding the day to day management of the client storefronts.
•• Performed theme customization and modifications to accommodate the clients requests.
•• Performed customer service through email and on the phone for clients and internal support staff to maintain the QoS our clients deserved and expected.
•• Helped maintain their Multi-site, multi-store setup using Magento 2 and custom enhanced and integrated extensions.
•• Performed product photography, editing and publishing for clients as need to ensure the site looked uniformed and professional.
•• Performed work remotely and on site with extra time spent performing tasks or support when needed to insure brand reliability and loyalty.
•• Maintained a large catalog of over 5,000 products and growing.
•• Demonstrated sound decision-making skills and showed ability to react quickly under pressure.
•• Directly worked on the storefronts and ordering process for clients such as; Wesleyan Publishing (B2C), NAMIC (B2B), Knauf Insulations (B2B), Carpenter Realtors (B2B) and Rolls Royce (B2B).

Nov. 2007 - March 2019
Ultrasun USA, Inc.

General Manager / Web Developer

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Performed all day-to-day operations, necessary administration including staff selection and development, budget administration, financial administration, planning, organizing and scheduling work and performance measurement.
•• Oversaw all pertinent accounts; AP/AR, warranty claims, vendor contracts and bank deposits.
•• Provide progress reports to management and explain in non-technical terms our accomplishments.
•• Collaborated with management to complete necessary projects; working well with a team or independently to accomplish the completion of any assigned tasks and created new project tasks as needed.
•• Conduct interviews, hire and train new general staff and technical support/service staff on our products.
•• Responsible for team building, employee coaching and performing reviews bi-annually on employees.
•• Schedule meetings and appointments; provide reminders to staff when important events are upcoming.
•• Responsible for maintaining and updating group health insurance coverage and 401k benefits, negotiating better rates and coverage where possible.
•• Ability to balance the demands of the business, with the changing production timelines to deliver excellent results on short timelines.
•• Worked remotely with an established team of product managers, marketing teams and designers from the different branches of our company to brainstorm and collaborate the completion of multiple marketing and online projects.
•• Responsible for working quickly without compromising quality in order to minimize down time, but keep everything the most cost effective. Maintaining a clean and organized work environment in the office or on site with a customer.
•• Prepare weekly reports listing purchases, returns, related costs and highlights of the week to management.
•• Responsible for distributor meeting coordination, planning and implementation at trade shows and other events.
•• Developed a new showroom design and build out, as well as created metal presentation platforms for use in the showroom and at trade shows.
•• Responsible for building on, maintaining and creating relationships with customers and distributors throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Collaborated with partners around the globe to share knowledge, ideas and promote the business brand wherever our product were available.
•• Worked closely with customers to resolve and mediate any complaints or issues they have with our products or equipment. Traveled all over North America to repair, train and improve the customers experience with our equipment and products.
•• Technical Engineer and communicator with the manufacturing engineers/technical staff at the parent company, Ultrasun International.
•• Responsible for the global collection of websites for the Ultrasun Family (Ultrasun, Sunfit, Gardasun, freeSTAYL, CollagenicMachines, Dr. Muller, Transpashutters, and BeautyLight); development, programming, content, maintenance and updates for the portfolio of more then 200 domains and websites.
•• Took the initiative to learn new languages, techniques and graphic programs to improve the user experience with our brand.
•• Responsible for managing the company blogs, news postings and general website updates (graphics, text and general page updates) through our CMS portals.
•• 10+ years commercial experience in architecture, development, and customization of small and large-scale ecommerce and/or store systems using platforms such as; Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Spotify and OpenCart. Using Magento and WooCommerce for the majority of our web stores. Previously developed with PrestaShop and PinnacleCart before that.
•• Developed and maintained an online catalog of more than 2500 products; constantly improving the detailed descriptions, better photo selections, improving the attributes and configuration options for pricing and shipping.
•• Developed single and multi-site, multi-store setups, with customized viewing options, labels, texts and products based off of customer type, individual customers or what was previously purchased. Customized pricing and availability based off of volume discounts, customer level discounts and individual product configurations.
•• Established a single customer database of information; integrating Magento and WordPress to simplify maintenance and be able to customize more options based off of each individual customer.
•• Responsible for maintaining strong relationships with vendors to keep price and quality at its best on our supplies and services. Worked with shipping vendors to streamline shipping by establishing fully custom product configurations to cost effectively ship through UPS, FedEx, USPS and Freight Carriers on a larger scale to save time and money.
•• Reviewed every stage of the development process and put the websites through multiple testing methods before going live.
•• Worked with marketing and sales departments to develop proof of concept responsive web design mockups for demonstration to our partners to align our global brand under a united ‘look & feel’.
•• Collaborated with our partners to improve their individual websites and collaborated with the sales and marketing teams on using their CMS platforms; such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
•• Developed a single marketing brand template design using WordPress and WooCommerce; converting all other platforms over to the one design and translating the languages to standardized our brand across all markets with our partners and distributors. Developing hundreds of UI pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, jQuery and Bootstrap to make all of the custom layouts and designs necessary.
•• Managed online social media presence (multiple YouTube accounts, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) along with Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords and Google Analytics for our global company.

Feb 2003 - Nov 2007
Ultrasun USA, Inc.

Operations / Logistics Manager

When the US partner was purchased by Ultrasun International, I was given the opportunity to assume position as the Operations and Logistics Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Arranged and schedule meetings, appointments, and events for management, including coordinating calendars and securing meeting spaces; plan travel arrangements for out of town conferences; keep calendars and remind all parties of upcoming events.
•• Planned, coordinated and presented at national industry beauty and fitness trade shows all over the USA, and participated in trade events in Germany for our parent company and its partners.
•• Performed internal quality checks on our equipment and products to ensure proper functionality before it is shipped to our customers. Worked closely with product engineers to improve the quality and functionality of our new products and legacy products that are still in use.
•• Worked closely with our product engineers, FDA consultants to develop our equipment for the North American market that is in compliance with all standards to be 401k complaint. Including onsite testing and further engineering and changes needed.
•• Created FDA/ETL Compliance Labels and related, setup and configured printing.
•• Designed and developed testing devices for our equipment and products, to assist in troubleshooting problems and educating our service staff and customers on how to resolve issues effectively.
•• Developed and Implemented the first speakers system and sound system in the Ultrasun product line that has since been improved upon by our manufacturer.
•• Designed and developed the first complete technical training and reference manual of over 200+ pages for our product lines. Produced additional marketing and technical materials for our product lines and individual products that was collaborated on with engineers, partners and distributors to accurately verify and improve on all materials before going out to customers.
•• Expanding on personally developed knowledge of photo and video development to create online tutorials and related support videos for our partners, distributors and customers. Collaborated on commercial videos for trade show and events, as well as for our online presence.
•• Responsible for building a photo booth to take small parts photos and related to start working on an internal product catalog.
•• Responsible for maintaining and establishing our online marketing presence throughout the USA utilizing SEO, social marketing and developing new ways to reach our potential customers.
•• Responsible for employee training processes and team building.
•• Responsible for planning and coordinating technical training classes for the company.
•• Performed customer service for the United States, Mexico and Canada. Traveled all over the United States and some places in Canada to service equipment and educated our customers in the process.
•• Responsible for being the service technician (on site and over the phone) for our customer base.
•• Maintains a professional and courteous relationship with customers and ensures that all personnel does the same.
•• Created magazine designs/layouts for Today's Image, Island Sun Times and Tanning Trends magazines.
•• Worked with marketing and sales department to create and update WordPress sites. Optimized sites for usability, search engine optimization and accessibility.
•• Build, repair and maintain our computer systems, DNS server, exchange server, web servers and file storage servers and other network equipment.
•• Maintains the CCTV Security Camera Systems internally, performs upgrades and updates where needed.
•• Basic maintenance and administrations on our Asterisk voIP Phone System. (Setup, Install, Configure, Upgrades).
•• Basic Operations and Maintenance of our two servers (Setup, Install, Configure, Upgrades).
•• Maintain our Multi-Location Wifi Network and configure to work together for easy hand off as the employees move around the building.
•• Complete Administrations of a Dell Web Server running CentOS Linux and is used as our web development server and email hosting.
•• Good communication and time-management skills with the ability to be depended on by colleagues to deliver good quality work in good time.
•• Willingness and proven ability to quickly acquire proficient development skills in new areas and technologies.
•• Responsible for organizing and inventorying company assets and goods from a complete disarray.
•• Responsible for procurement and processing of purchase orders from multiple manufacturers.
•• Responsible for building and preventative maintenance on our building as required or schedule service vendors to assist when outside my abilities.
•• Created and maintained an electronic database, spreadsheets and procedures for accessing electronic files for both on site, off sites and contractors.
•• Using very detailed Excel spreadsheets, the Internet, and product sample sheets, gathered information about products to create in-depth product descriptions.

May 2002 - Feb. 2003
Ultrasun USA, Inc.

Parts / IT Manager

Originally brought in as the "IT Guy" and was given the title of the Parts Manager for the company.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Managed a detailed database of information on our equipment, software, licenses, configurations and work logs.
•• Managed day-to-day IT infrastructure, including networking equipment, servers, backup procedures and performing onsite support to the staff.
•• Performed new installs, upgrades and configurations for the desktop PC’s and Servers hardware and software requirements.
•• Organized parts room, started a parts filing system that including labeling, package branding, and proper organization.
•• Implemented a new parts numbering and naming scheme that was easier to understand and search that is still in use today.
•• Provided technical support over the phone to customers on tanning equipment.
•• Responsible for assisting and performing maintenance and repair on new and used tanning equipment onsite and in the office.
•• Assisted with installation and basic service work of tanning equipment in salons around Indiana.
•• Created the first (known) Salon Camera system for use in Salons, Gyms and related. Displayed at the trade show in October 2002 in Nashville, TN.
•• Assist with all shipping, receiving, and inventory organization operations.
•• Receive and process new inventory, ensuring contents match manifest documents.
•• Inspect receivables for defects, damages, or missing items.
•• Perform detailed manual inventory counts.
•• Label warehouse stock for quick and easy identification and retrieval.
•• Unload, stack, move, and place products in appropriately designated areas.
•• Use forklifts, pallet jacks, hand carts etc. to transfer and deliver goods.
•• Fulfill and track outgoing orders.
•• Double-check items to verify accuracy of outgoing orders.
•• Ensure tools and equipment are kept clean and in working order.

Dec. 2001 - May 2002
InputOutput Unlimited

Chief Technical Engineer

Brought in directly from college from one of my professors who wanted to utilize many of the skills I displayed while in class in theory and hands on. I personally developed and dealt with many new projects and jobs because no job was turned down even if I had to learn how to do something to complete the task.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Developed several websites for clients, setup mySQL database and developed the code in PHP.
•• Designed letterhead, forms and business related materials for companies.
•• Setup Digital Phone Systems and some of the first voIP phone systems that were made available at a reasonable price.
•• Wired and Wireless Networking (new and rebuilt) of several companies infrastructures for their business. Setup a couple of co-location networks as well.
•• Built New and Rebuilt Used Computers for clients and trained them on how to use them.
•• Setup and maintained Quicken, Peachtree and TaxPro Accounting Systems for computers.
•• Diagnosed and repaired printers and other general office equipment when needed.
•• Examined and analyzed electronic media using a broad range of computer forensic tools to summarize the findings in a technical report for the clients.
•• Provided operational instructions and training on computers and software.
•• Provided assistance in data and evidence recovery from corrupt hard drives, CD/DVD's and other storage devices.
•• Was able to recover hard drives that suspects had attempted to erase or destroy.
•• Restored damaged and erased computer hard drives to attempt to collect evidence and information.
•• Compiled reports including chain of evidence forms, evidence logs and entered data into various computer programs for access by investigating officers.
•• Reviewed information on various computer related evidence obtained from various crime scenes and believed to contain evidence of criminal activity.
•• Configured and tuned networking equipment and overall computer network, both ethernet and Wi-Fi 100% successfully.
•• Installed and maintained hardware and software components on computer stations, servers and IT equipment.

May 2000 - Oct. 2001
MetLife Insurance

Lead IT Technician

Initially brought in for clerical work and computer assistance but was promoted up to lead IT technician within a few weeks of work.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•• Setup the staffs desktop and laptop computers, networked them and made sure they would efficiently work inside the office and remotely.
•• Performed basic maintenance of the servers and computers and maintained a daily routine backup of the critical information held on the servers and computers.
•• Setup Spreadsheet templates and forms in Excel for the sales staff and administration staff to make things easier over all.
•• Assisted the Data Entry personnel with clerical work in processing the clerical apps when they needed or if time allowed.
•• Performed mission critical database entries for life insurance applications when needed.
•• Helped re-organize and setup a better filling system for important documents and applications.
•• Responsible for setting up Lotus Notes databases, development of the databases and general use of Lotus Notes.

Web Development


CSS and CSS3

CSS Preprocessing


Version Control/Git

Responsive Design


Browser Developer Tools

Building & Automation Tools/Performance

Command Line Interface (CLI)



Django & Flask

Web Platforms

Magento eCommerce 1

Magento eCommerce 2







Adobe Creative Collection





After Effects


Programming Languages











OS Platforms

Windows 95, 98/SE, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012

MacOS 10.6 - 10.14

Linux; CentOS, Ubuntu, Kali & Debian

Other Skills

Product Photography

Videography & Development

Project Management

UX/UI Design


Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Facebook Advertising



Advertising / Marketing

Collaborating with Teams